Volunteer Opportunities

Help keep your Central Iowa IIBA chapter running and enhance your own resume by volunteering with IIBA!

We have one board position available. If you have about 5 hours a month to commit, you can help grow our chapter and make it even better.

Board Position Opportunities

Director of Partnership
- Establish and maintain an active corporate CHAPTER sponsorship solicitation drive
- Establish and maintain partnerships with companion non-profit professional organization for the CHAPTER. Partnerships could include organizations with local chapters of PMI®, QA, DAMA, etc.
- Establish and maintain partnerships with for profit professional organizations for the benefit of the CHAPTER
- Organizations could include B2T Training, Watermark Learning, Your Clear Next Step, Agile Transformation, etc.
- Create and maintain sponsor strategy which includes sponsor recognition for BOARD sponsorship. BOARD sponsorships could include in-kind or cash sponsorship. In-kind sponsorship includes business donating space for CHAPTER or BOARD meetings
- Elicit CHAPTER sponsorship
- Maintain and deliver all permanent records to the position successor as required

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Rose at president@centraliowaiiba.org.


If you're looking for less commitment, we have several volunteer opportunities as well.

Volunteer Opportunities

Audit Committee Volunteer
- Interest in helping with Year-end Audit
Finance Volunteer
- Assist Treasury Recording and balancing books monthly.
Agile Working Group Coordinator
- Working with facilitator to corrdinate an Agile chapter event each month, including location and food.
- Help with registration and Sign in
Monthly Meeting Greeters
- Greet meeting attendees and assist with check in
- Help with room set up (Beverages and food)
Social Media Volunteer
- Posting updates and events to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc...)


If you are interested Apply Now!

If you have any questions please email volunteerandoutreach@centraliowaiiba.org

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