Organizational Agility: What it Looks Like & the Dark Art of Achieving It

Every organization—regardless of size, kind, purpose, function or station in some larger hierarchy—is a composite of the technical system by which it does its work (i.e., its processes), and the social system by which it governs the conduct of its work (i.e., its culture).

In other words, every organization is the product of its processes and its culture. The degree of an organization’s agility, then, is the product of its process agility and its cultural agility.

While designing and maintaining agile processes is a discipline that is well understood, designing and maintaining an agile culture is a leadership discipline that is not. Yet, experience teaches us that it is the organization’s culture that is THE key to its success. Accordingly, this presentation will introduce field-proven concepts, principles and models to better understand:

  • Historical perspective, definitions, myth busting and other level setting.
  • The interdependence of process and culture.
  • The case for culture being THE key to any team’s agility, performance or competitive advantage.
  • A pragmatic definition of “culture”.
  • The anatomy of a culture, the touchpoints for affecting cultural change.
  • Integrative tools for diagnosing cultural health and prescribing treatment.




Jim Ruprecht

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, CSM, and CSPO

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Date: 27-Jul-2017 at 11:00am - 12:30pm

Host: Global Tech Services
Wellmark YMCA
Wellmark YMCA
501 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309
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11 - 11:30 am Check-in, Lunch, and Networking
11:30 - 12:25 pm Presentation
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