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IIBA Central Iowa August Chapter Meeting


The Role of the BA in Cybersecurity


This session will introduce the audience to the role of the business analyst working as the liaison between business and cybersecurity. The need to evolve from an IT-focused security approach to information risk-based security management requires greater partnership between the business side of the organization with the security side; a need partially fulfilled by qualified business analysts acting as ambassadors of cybersecurity.Learning objectives include:

1. Understanding the challenges of cyber threats to businesses, governments and enterprises.
2. Gaining new perspectives how increasing cyber threat landscape is driving the need for a diverse cybersecurity workforce.
3. Developing an awareness of how governance, risk and compliance-based approaches play a role in cybersecurity planning.
4. Achieving a basic knowledge of the NIST cybersecurity framework and the foundational principles of the cybersecurity life cycle.
5. Recognizing how business analysis methods and practices readily apply to cybersecurity and enterprise information security endeavors.

Terry Baresh
Speaker Biography  

Terry is a veteran business analyst with over eighteen years of comprehensive experience in software design, development, quality assurance and testing. Versed in all aspects of systems design life cycle (SDLC) methodologies, Agile, waferfall and product life-cycle management, with a proven track record of managing complex projects in fast-paced, dynamic and diverse environments. During the past five years Terry has been collaborating with cybersecurity architects, engineers, analysts and experts to design, deploy and
integrate enterprise-wide security processes that exceeded regulatory requirements. Finally, during this past year Terry is a member of a volunteer working team to develop a new (IIBA) business analyst cybersecurity certification process.


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