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IIBA Central Iowa June Chapter Meeting

The Resilience Recipe

Burnout has been called the occupational hazard of the 21st century.  Why?

 The pace of work is increasing

  • The amount of information needed to be successful at work is multiplying  
  • Many people are so hyperconnected to work that they respond to workplace demands – anytime and anywhere

 That’s the bad news.  The good news is that resiliency and tenaciousness can be learned.  Come and discover the steps you can take – right now – to recover from adversity, bounce back after difficulties, thrive in the midst of chaos and excel, even under the most difficult circumstances.  

Tammy Rogers
Speaker Biography

Tammy Rogers, co-founder, The Meyvn Group, is best known for helping leaders experience the kind of “Aha” moments that result in new ways of thinking, new attitudes and new behaviors. (Some might say she gives them meaty ideas to chew on–so to speak.)

A certified coach, Tammy has been instrumental in nine business start-ups. She’s held Vice President titles in both Human Resources and Operations—and has had the opportunity to lead more than 200 employees in remote offices from Boston to Los Angeles and Minneapolis to Atlanta.

Tammy has written more than 50 internationally distributed training programs. She has worked with best-selling authors like James Autry and Bob Nelson. And she has partnered with hundreds of companies—large and small—to help them improve results through the building of people, processes and procedures.


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