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Officers roles that will be elected in the even years taking office on January 1st.

Director of Finance and Treasury

Director of Treasury and Finance

The Director of Finance and Treasury is responsible for the solicitation of input from Board members for the development of financial goals and objectives for the Chapter and the preparation of an annual financial plan.

Specific Accountabilities

  • Officer of the Chapter

  • Manage all Chapter financial transactions including the collection of all Chapter dues from IIBA®, guest payments for Chapter meetings or special events, and the payment of all Chapter bills in accordance with Chapter Board Directives.

  • Establish and maintain all required Chapter bank accounts and/or similar financial transactions, arranging for officer signatures as required

  • Submit all required IRS tax related filings on a local, state, and federal level

  • Prepare and present monthly financial statements to the Board

  • Maintain a permanent file of the financial business of the Chapter and turn over all documentation to successors and the Board as required

Director of Communication

Director of Communication

The Director of Communications is responsible for the timely dissemination of information both to and from the Chapter Membership, using various tools and technologies to accomplish the objective.

Specific Accountabilities

  • Own and maintain Chapter communication channels including email, social media and marketing materials

  • Own and maintain the contact database and email distribution lists for Chapter communication

  • Collaborate with Board members for message content and distribute notification of Events and Chapter messages

  • Act and first recipient of Chapter inquiries and requests from email and the website; facilitate distribution to the appropriate Board Members or Committee for responses; ensure responses are timely

  • Coordinate with Director of Membership and Volunteerism to validate event registration and fees

  • Maintain historical record of event registration and event content

  • Collaborate with IIBA Global and other Chapters on communications to Members of the CIC when information would be informational or relevant to the Membership

Director of Logistics

Director of Logistics

The Director Logistics is responsible for the operations and coordination of Chapter events

Specific Accountabilities

  • Identify and secure locations for Chapter meetings and events

  • Plan and monitor Chapter event logistics including food orders; work closely with Director of Professional Development on speaker presentation needs

  • Communicate and coordinate with host locations for “day-of” activities for events

  • Develop plans and operational procedures for events to ensure repeatable success

  • Work closely with the Director of Communications to provide Members with event information

Director of Membership and Volunteerism

Director of Membership and Volunteerism

The Director of Membership and Volunteerism is responsible for being the primary contact and champion of Members including connecting Members with volunteer opportunities within the Chapter.  The Director is also liaison with IIBA Global on matters related to Membership status, dues, and refunds.


Specific Accountabilities

  • Maintain, coordinate, and protect Membership records and information; work with IIBA Global on Membership information retention and removal when requested by a Member

  • Develop proactive Membership retention and growth programs; partner with local businesses and partners to distribute Chapter Membership information

  • Work with IIBA Global to maintain and validate Chapter and Global Membership information; liaison with IIBA Global on Membership dues, payments, and refunds

  • Create and maintain a list of people interested in volunteering with the Chapter and connect potential volunteers with opportunities.

  • Collaborate with the Board, committees, and teams to identify, document, and prioritize Chapter volunteer needs

  • Create and maintain record of volunteer activities; provide affirmation and documentation of volunteer time as needed; act as a champion of volunteer needs and issue resolution



The Secretary brings organization to the Board and Chapter Membership ensuring documents and processes are current and compliant.


Specific Accountabilities

  • Organize and maintain all Chapter and Board documentation including policies and procedures

  • Create Board meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes

  • Record all motions and decisions of the Board

  • Maintain Chapter records and documents in central shared system

  • Develop and maintain succession plans for the Board; ensure transition of Board members by reviewing and providing instruction of policies and procedures with incoming Board members

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