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Officers roles that will be elected in the odd years taking office on January 1st.



The President is responsible for the overall functioning of the Chapter and assuring that the Board works together as a team with dedication to achieving the Chapter vision, mission and objections. Furthermore, the president will serve as the primary spokesperson for the Chapter with IIBA GLOBAL as well as with other IIBA Chapters.

Specific Accountabilities

  • Officer of the Chapter

  • Implement strategic plans and policies of the Chapter

  • Chair Board meetings

  • Provide leadership to the Board of Directors of the Central Iowa Chapter

  • Ensure the Board follows Chapter By-Laws, Policies, and Procedures; review and recommend updates as needed

  • Appoint​ committee Chairpersons

  • Mentoring and encouraging Board Members to participate in meetings and activities

  • Orients and supports new Board Members and committee chairpersons

  • Acts as one of the signing officers for disbursements checks and other official documents

  • Prepare a report for the Annual General Meeting

  • Liaison between IIBA® GLOBAL and the local Chapter

Director of Professional Development

Director of Professional Development

The Director of Professional Development is responsible defining and delivery of content to the Membership in alignment with the mission of the Chapter. The content of these programs will promote the business analysis profession, skills, and certification through educational events and programs.


Specific Accountabilities

  • Define Programs (regularly scheduled monthly events) that bring high-quality content and education to the Membership.  Ex. Monthly Chapter Meetings, Agile Working Group

  • Define Development Events that promote IIBA Certification and education of the business analysis.  Ex. BA Study Group, CBAP Certification Prep

  • Coordinate with guest presenters to speak at Development Events and Program Events.

  • Work with the Board to organize, plan, and execute Events.

  • Provide Continue Education Credit information

  • Maintain educational alliance with IIBA Global

Director of Special Events

Director of Special Events

The Director of Special Events is responsible organizing, planning, and leading events that fall outside normal responsibilities of other Directors.  This includes acting as primary liaison to the IBADD Chair and IBADD Committee and acting on behalf of the IBADD event prior to appointment of a Chair.


Specific Accountabilities

  • Organize and plan social events for Chapter Members.  Example: BAs and Brews

  • Organize and plan events targeted as special or select audiences when those event fall outside normal responsibilities of other Directors.  Example: CIC Leadership Council

  • Promote the Chapter’s purpose in the community through reach out and participation in events of other local professional organizations.  Example: PMI PDD

  • Act as primary liaison of the Board to the IBADD Committee

  • Support the IBADD Chair in planning and decision making

  • Communicate requirements of the event as determined by the Board

  • Ensure proper documentation and governance of IBADD is created and maintained

  • Ensure sustainability of IBADD year-to-year

  • Act on behalf of the IBADD event prior to appointment of a Chair

  • Document and review Lessons Learned of prior IBADD events

  • Ensure the IBADD Chair and Committees are oriented the event including prior Lessons Learned

  • Perform initial planning and organization of IBADD for future years to ensure continuity

Director of Technology

Director of Technology

The Director of Technology is responsible for the implementation, upkeep, and maintenance of Chapter’s technology along with support of the Membership’s use of Chapter technology.  This includes the website, email, file sharing/file archive, event management technology and streaming technology.


Specific Accountabilities

  • Own and maintain the Chapter website including the posting of Chapter meetings and upcoming events

  • Manage technology for the Chapter related to event management and event streaming

  • Work with IIBA Global as needed to ensure data is shared and accessible

  • Maintain and deliver information related to access to all systems to the position successor and the Board as required

  • Establish and submit a budget proposal to the Director of Finance and the Board for required licensing and technologies

Director of Partnerships and Outreach

Director of Partnerships and Outreach

The Director of Partnerships and Outreach is responsible for the relationships with Chapter partners including commitment to event sponsorship, sponsorship benefits, and outreach to the community to promote business analysis and the CIC.


Specific Accountabilities

  • Establish and maintain a corporate partner/sponsor plan including a contact list of active and potential partners

  • Create and maintain a list of sponsor benefits; coordinate across events to ensure benefits are realized and provided to the partner

  • Establish and maintain an active plan for outreach to the community to promote the CIC and the business analysis profession

  • Work with the IBADD Committee to create Partner lists and procure event sponsorship

  • Establish and maintain partnerships with companion non-profit professional organization for the Chapter. Partnerships could include organizations with local Chapters of PMI®, QA, DAQA, etc.

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