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Date: 23-Jan-2015

The electronic surveys following each monthly chapter meeting are read personally by me, reflected on and changes have and will continue to be implemented to make this YOUR IIBA Chapter. Please continue taking 5 minutes or less of your time to complete the surveys each month. Let’s take some time to reflect on some previous improvement requests that we have attempted to fulfill, please let me know if these have not been fulfilled to your satisfaction ;)

MORE DIET COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can’t think of anything.

Nothing... you guys always do a great job. THANK YOU!

More water bottles!

food.. having deli for every lunch is getting boring...

On a more serious note, your chapter is continuing to develop Business Analyst at various levels of experience. Here are some of my favorites responses that show we are a value add to the community. These are answers to ‘What was most helpful?’

I really liked something that all of us could take something away from. Some of our more specific topics only apply to part of the BA community.

Being reminded to connect with people instead of looking for a way to get around the obstacle of that person.

The speaker portrayed a direct understanding of BA work. It was obvious his day job is working on what he teaches.

The background information he provided was very helpful to further my own research into the subject.

It was a good conversation for those who are new to BA work.

I loved this format. All the questions/answers were relevant to BAs in the Des Moines metro.

It was interesting to hear the structure of their Agile and Lean development and how they have implemented it to help save costs and reduce production defects.

I think the stats/metrics that Larry gave about Nationwide and how the agile concept has saved them money was fantastic.

All agile information is useful.

It is a challenge to meet each and every need from everyone for every month, even though I try. One of the things we implemented recently was two check-in lines at the monthly meetings. One line is for those of you who do not need to pay (members in good standing with both the international and local chapter and those of you who have pre-paid). The second line is for those who need to pay at the door or those who are walk-ins. We have noticed an increase in check-in speed. This will also allow me to move away from the deli boxed lunches and do some warm buffet lunches without fear the session will start prior to everyone getting through the lunch line.

I welcome your feedback! Don’t be a stranger.

If you want to share outside of the survey feel free to e-mail me at

Sara McIntyre
Director of Programs
IIBA Central Iowa Chapter

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