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Present at a Chapter Meeting or Agile Working Group

Do you have a topic you think would benefit Central Iowa IIBA chapter?  Then fill out this form and Director of Programs will get back to you.

All presentations start at 11:30 am Central time, we would like speakers there by 11:15 am Central Time.  Presentations are usually 50-55 minutes with time for the Chapter to introduce the speaker and provide any Chapter Updates.

Chapter Meetings are general topics that include a wide range of things that would be useful for Business Analysts (BAs), Product Owners, and Scrum Masters.  Generally the last Thursday of the month, however November and December that is moved.

Agile Working Group (AWG) is focused on Agile topics. It can be things for scrum, SAFe, Agile general, Agile 101 topics, just to name a few.  Generally the 2nd Thursday of the month.


If you have questions, feel free to email:

Please fill out one form per presentation.  There is also a limit to the amount of data that can be provided per field.  If there are issues with your submission please reduce the information provided.


Please be prepared to provide a photo if you are chosen to speak.

We do NOT offer payment to speak at Chapter Meetings or Agile Working Group.

If you are looking to submit for IBADD check out:

Director of Programs will respond either way on your submission.  Please allow at least 2 weeks for time to review and reach out.

Speak at a Chapter or Agile Working Group

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