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Nominee for President - Brenda Peshak


I have been a member of the IIBA board for the Central Iowa chapter for many years in a variety of roles as well have also helped with the IBADD conference several times.  I feel that being involved in my community is a good way to give back and provide value for our members.  My current role I am serving as more than just a BA. I am also managing the roadmap for a team of 20 people working across two teams.  I am looking forward to building our membership base and continuing to provide valuable content for our membership.  I will work with our board to provide new content and new activities, which the board started discussing this year. 

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Director of Professional Development - Calvin Truong

Director of Professional Development-Nomination

I am a Business Analyst Manager and have more than 10 years of experience in business analysis.  I have been serving as the appointed Director of Membership and Volunteerism since August 2021. 


I have been actively involved in employee engagement my entire career.  Engagement and value are what drives an organization like IIBA forward and I have been excited to have the opportunity to contribute to our chapter.  I have been reaching out to our members individually to find ways for us to increase our engagement and value to members.  The chapter would not exist without its members so we need to keep on working to benefit the membership.  I’ve had the chance to meet many speakers in person to be able to search for great people and topics to bring to the chapter.  I am excited for the opportunity to help bring valuable programming to our chapter.   


I have a passion for analysis and want to continue to find ways for our community to connect and help each other.  The analysis field can be daunting at times.  I want to give back to the community by helping break down some of those barriers.

Director of Technology - Write ins Welcome

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Director of Partnerships - Write ins Welcome

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